Each child is assigned a key person upon their entry to nursery.
If, for any reason, the key person is unavailable their 'buddy' will take over in their absence.

Jo and Nicole are also available to all children and parents at any time.

Fees policy and other important policies can be found

Morning Session 9am - 12pm
Afternoon Session* 12pm - 3pm
*Children attending afternoon sessions are required to bring a packed lunch.
*Children should not arrive before 9am for the morning session, or 12pm for the afternoon session. Doors WILL NOT be opened before these times.

Upon arrival in the morning, the children will be participating in Key Person Time. Please encourage your child to hang up their coat, then sit at their Key Person's table/activity.

Upon arrival in the afternoon, please place your child's lunchbox on the trolly. Lunch starts at 12:15pm.

If your child stays for an afternoon session, please ensure they are collected promptly at 3pm.
Collecting your children after 3pm places us in breach of our registration and insurance.

If you are more than 5 minutes late collecting your child, the nursery will make an
extra charge of £5 for every 5 minutes you are late.

Our Late Collection Policy can be viewed here.

Failure to Collect a Child
Due to changes in the standards that we are required to meet by OFSTED, we now have an agreed policy on what should happen if anyone fails to collect their child.

Children that have not been collected must remain within our care until further assistance is sought.