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Thank you so much to all the parents who have recently completed our questionnaire. Jo has processed all the data we received from you and these are the results:

  • From attending the setting you expect your children to gain social skills, grow in confidence, be happy, learn to share, become independent, learn about different cultures and get ready for school.
  • You all agreed that we provided enough information when you first enquired about the setting.
  • you have all read the nursery's policies and procedures.
  • you all feel that the nursery is welcoming to everyone.
  • The areas you like are the garden, events we cover, the staff and the family feel.
  • There was only 1 recommendation and that was to have a taster day.
  • You all agreed that on your first visit we were inviting & helpful.
  • You all agreed that your children are in safe hands.
  • You all feel that your child is happy at nursery.
  • All of the children know who their Key Person is.
  • You all feel that you gain enough knowledge about your child's development from the staff.
  • The majority of you know who the nursery Directors are.
  • You are all aware that you can discuss any matters with either Jo or Nicole.
  • You would all recommend the nursery to others.

  • And finally, we have had some wonderful comments about the staff that have brought tears to our eyes! You say we are friendly, approachable, happy to listen & help, always give 100%, kind, caring, understanding, and have genuine care of reach child's welfare and needs. Thank you all so much!